Survey and Installation
Cabinet Specification
Our policy has always been to source the highest quality materials and components directly from specialist manufacturers. While this policy increases our stock levels, it has been very successful in giving us controll over availability and quality with the added bonus of lower costs that bulk bying brings.

Conestoga Wood Specialists with 100 different designs in 14 different species of wood are the one of largest and the most renowned manufacturers of Cabinet Doors in the world. Based in Pennsylvania in the U.S. the company is famous for its unique radius doors, quarter circle mullion frames and mitered frame doors.

Grass cabinet hinge and drawer systems are the leading furniture fittings available to the kitchen industry. Hinges have been tested to a highest standard, some 50,000 openings. Drawers have been equally tested to 30,000 openings with up to a 40 Kg loading.

The Wodego group, Europe's largest composite wood manufacture, can offer a choice and standard of quality second to none in the industry. Fitzsimons Kitchens has had a long and successful relationship, most notably with Duropal Laminated Worktops.

Dolken plastic edgings are produced to the stringent standards in Germany. They are the world leaders in furniture edgings.

Camar adjustable cabinet legs and wall cabinet hangers are manufactured in Italy specifically for the kitchen furniture industry.

The most important ingredient in the construction of any furniture is Adhesive. All linear edges on units made by Fitzsimons Kitchens are bonded with the latest Polyurethane Adhesive, which has twice the heat resistance of any other adhesive and is impervious to water.

As one of the worlds leading suppliers of Wood finishing materials, Becker-Granyte have a vast experience and range of products catering for the furniture industry. All natural wood components used by Fitzsimons Kitchens are polished with hardwareing modern finishes including two component interim compliant products.
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