Appalachian Hickory
Richmond Birch
Shaker Maple
Golden Birch
Champagne Maple
Marquis Cherry
Toronto Maple
Blue Ridge Walnut
Chardonnay Oak
Manhattan Cream
Penthouse Beech
Character Oak

To compliment our furniture, Fitzsimons Kitchens offer a choice of worktop surfaces and can advise our customers on the most appropriate choice of material for their situation.

Our High Pressure Laminate Worktops are from the Duropal range manufactured by Woodego of Germany. With their water sealed edges, Duropal tops are recognised as Europe's leading brand.

Blue Aran

Star Black

Green Polor Granite

Mars Rost


The Noltec worktop range is an example of our continued product development. It features the latest in material technology and laminating. This range of worktops are manufactured from a birch plywood core. The surface material is Duropal High Pressure Laminate (HPL), bonded to the plywood base using the latest advances in polyurethane adhesive. This adhesive has been developed for use in persistently wet applications and where temperatures rise to over 150C. The front edge of the worktop is lipped with a 1.5mm thick ABS edging applied with the same polyurethane adhesive. This product can be shaped to create attractive breakfast bars and radius corners. Matching upstands and wall panels are also available to complete a fully co-ordinated package.

One of natures most beautiful and enduring materials. It has been a popular material for counters for centuries. The colour tone, texture and hardwearing properties of natural granite give it an attractive appeal and long lasting quality. FFK offer a wide range of natural and reconstituted granite products with a wide choice of edge detail

Velstone is a man made product manufactured from a mixture of natural elements, synthetic materials and resins. It is a non-porous material therefore very safe and hygienic. It has unlimited possibilities for moulding and shaping making it a very flexible and attractive material. In addition all joints and upstands are seamless and water tight.

       Six good reasons to have your granite/synthetic worktops supplied by Fitzsimons kitchens.

  1. Responsibility for the completed worktop rests with the company.
  2. No passing the blame around if complaints are raised by the customer.
  3. Peace of mind knowing that the worktops have been pre-ordered and will be installed on the date assigned.
  4. No confusion between parties on counter thickness and specifications.
  5. Independently audited installation quality standards.
  6. Fully insured to carry out the work in your home.
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